Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting to be up close and personal with lions, cheetas, leopards,and elephants made Kruger an once in a lifetime opportunity. We went on walks with lions in the mornings, pet a cheeta and cheeta cubs in the afternoon, and had an elephant stick his head in the safari truck on the evening drive! I never imagined I would get to experience something so amazing. The lions were so big, they were very active but when they ran by we could pet them. Petting a cheeta was my favorite thing! The cheetas name was Savanna and she had 4 babies. She was so gentle and would lay there and let us pet her, the cubs were not so still, they ran and played the whole time. The elephants were HUGE! There was a dad, mom, and baby. The baby all but climbed in our laps! The whole trip was so unreal, it was a great experience.


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