Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today we woke up early and drove through some of table mt national park to Cape Point. The view on the way was stunning! The waves crashing on the rocks and the beaches were beautiful! To top that off we saw wild animals on the way including the worlds biggest antelope and ostriches. Then we went to see the penguins living wild on the beach. It was crazy to see penguins in the sand, they were so little and cute. We also went to SANCCOB a conservation organization to learn about how they work to save the penguins and other birds. It was very interesting and we even got to pet and hold the penguins! After we went to the airport and sadly left Cape Town. Cape Town is so so gorgeous it was sad to leave it behind. Now we are at JoBurg, not as pretty, but we are going to do some really exciting stuff so I am excited! I miss yall! Lots of love


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