Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sometimes as humans we are rude and selfish, but after the townships yesterday I think all of our eyes are opened. We are all now definantly more appreciative! The way that people like Rosie give their time and devote their life to helping others is very very inspiring and humbling.Today we went shark diving!! Imagine a shark as long as your truck coming with his great jaws and sharp teeth right at you! A complete rush of adrenial! Great white sharks are beautiful creatures. While we were out on the ocean we saw seal island, there were literally thousands of seals covering every speck of the island. The whole experience was completely unreal. After the ocean we took the scenic route to our next activity. The view was undescribably beautiful! Our next activity was joining a drumming circle. You could feel the beat it was aweesome, we learnred a rythme, and I got volunteered to dance! It was very cool. To see the drummers passion for what they do was exciting! Next we had a wonderful dinner at a sweet couples home. The food was delicious, especially dessert! Now I am very tired but we are on the bus headed to the hotel to pack. Tomorrow we will be leaving around 7 for another full day before we fly out to JoBurg at 2! Miss you all, lots of love!


Danae said...

Sis, that sounds absolutly amaizing!!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about every single detail and see all the pictures when you get home! Can't wait to see what you do tomorrow!!!! miss you and love you!

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