Friday, June 5, 2009

This trip is absolutly amazing! We have been to three continents in the last 4 days!! At germany we walked around the city of Frankfurt and saw a cathedral, St.Pauls church, and many more beautiful things! Since we have been in Africa we have had many eye opening experiences. This morning we went to the townships and it really made me see how privilaged we are! We also did an intro course on scuba diving today and will be out there with the great whites tomorrow! Lots of love!


Donnie said...

I hate the weather hasn't been better for you but you should be used to unpredictable weather like we have in Arkansas. After this adventure I don't think any of you will ever take anything for granted again. Make all you can of your experiences. We continue to pray for you.

Coach B.

Claudia said...

Claudia Treece
Keep us posted on your interesting discoveries, they are too facinating for words.

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